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TriCarm Software Inc. has been established in Canada since May 2004. Dave Topley  was the chief designer of CARM at Concorde Informatics in the UK where it is the top selling resource and duty management software. TriCarm Software is now promoting it throughout Canada and the United States.

Dave Topley was one of the founders of Concorde Informatics in 1985.  Concorde acquired the rights to CARM in 1991 and redeveloped the software under the guidance of Dave, chief designer of Concorde Informatics. TriCarm now holds the rights to CARM throughout North and Central America (including the Caribbean) enabling the product to be easily 'localised' to those markets needs. Now on release 3, CARM offers a host of benefits aimed at meeting the growing complexities of resource management including adherence to legislation and collective agreements in a simple to use and widely available product.


John Barratt
Ric Court BSc (Hons) MBCS
Senior Consultant

Don McCallum BSc, MBA
Business Development

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